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New Version v9.1.7

Posted by: Admin on 20th March 2020 11:07:33.
Posted in Category: What is New

­Issues have been identified with some vendors third party PHP scripts that their extensions place in the root folder instead of their own dedicated folder. In addition some poor coding also affects the scripts when Mobiclean is set to Compact or Tidy the HTML. It also affects their scripts if the Add Language option is selected in Mobiclean.

New experimental code has been added which unless you check the 'Do NOT Fix PHP' button, Mobiclean will automatically attempt to fix the issues in these PHP scripts. If you use Witsec's Form Extension for example, you will find that the script doesn't work after cleaning with the Compact or Tidy HTML function.

The new code should correct this issue. So the default option to Fix the PHP scripts is not to check the box.

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