Code Sample of Changes Made by Mobiclean Pro

The left image is the code for a sample page created and publsihed by the Mobirise Program. The right image is the code of the same page after it has been processed by Mobiclean Pro.
Original size: 17,605 bytes Size after processing in Mobiclean: 15,358 bytes
A Saving of 13%

Code Produced by Mobirise Program

As you can see the code has many backlinks to Mobirise, lots of space and blank lines. Invalid <html> tag, No language tag on the HTML tag, and more.

Code After Processing by Mobiclean PRO

Mobiclean PRO as you see has slimmed down the page contents, removing un-necessary spaces and blank lines (you can also compact the HTML with Mobiclean if required). New code has been added to stop caching, new meta tags added, Language added to the HTML tag, canonical tags added, and all Mobirise references and backlinks have been removed. And this is just the HTML, Mobiclean also Optimises Images, CSS and more.