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Mobiclean Pro
The Swiss Army Knife for Mobirise Sites

Mobiclean PRO

Latest Version

The latest version is version 10.1.31
To update to the latest version click the 'Check for Updates' button on the Main Menu.

What is Mobiclean

Mobiclean is a Windows program that cleans up your Mobirise Code and adds additional functionality to your website, not possible in the Mobirise Program and much more.

FREE Updates for life

Once you have purchased Mobiclean, you get FREE updates, when available, for both bug fixes and additional functionality.  Pay once and use forever no annual fees!

Mobiclean PRO

Proven Product 

Mobiclean has been proven as the ultimate addition to every Mobirise user's arsenal in creating functional and effective Web Sites. It helps improve your site load times and SEO amongst other benefits.

Why should you choose Mobiclean PRO?

Mobirise automatically adds many backlinks to Mobirise, these can easily be removed or replaced by Mobiclean, with your own backlinks improving YOUR SEO and not Mobirise's.  You will want clean code well formatted to show how professional you are as a web site developer, Mobiclean helps with this too!

Want to add some features to your site that are not supported by Mobirise, then Mobiclean can help with that too! No more editing the page code for your site in a text editor, Mobiclean does it for you and you can save your settings so each time you publish all your settings are remembered making re-publishing a sinch.

Latest Version is

Features & Benefits

Here are just some of the features of Mobiclean Pro

  • Removes Mobirise Backlinks
  • Tidies HTML
  • Removes All References to Mobirise
  • Add Additional Meta Tags
  • Fix HTML Tag and Add Language Code

    Output 'Cleaned' Files to a Different Folder

    Analyses Changes Made

    Included FTP Upload Facility

    Works with Mobirise V3, V4, V5 and AMP Sites

    Works with HTML, SHTML and PHP Pages

    Checks for AMP Errors

    Auto-check for Updates on Opening the Program

  • Replace Custom Strings
  • Add Comment to HTML
  • Remove Excessive Line Breaks in the HTML Code
  • Fix Missing Alt Tags
  • Replace or Remove Mobirise Engine Tags

    Rename Project.Mobirise File During Processing

    Optionally Replace http:// Links to Site Pages with https://

    Select/Create Output Folder Ready to Upload All Required Files for your site

    Auto Update Social Links

    Add Code/Scripts to Head, Body and After HTML

    Save and Load Site Profiles and Import/Export the Profiles to Another PC
  • Add Author, Copyright and Subject Meta Tags
  • Add Rating, Distribution and Re-Visit After Tags
  • Replace Mobirise Version Numbers with Your Own
  • Compact HTML or Tidy Only for HTML and PHP Pages
  • Add Prefix and Language Code to HTML Tag

    Replace Some Specific Mobirise Text and Replace with Your Own

    Add Meta Tags to Prevent Browser Caching

    Add OG and Twitter Tags

    Complex Text Replacements

    Move Pages to a Sub-Folder

    Check and Apply Updates

  • Optimise JPG, JPEG and PNG Images
  • Compact All Site CSS Files
  • ADD Modal Pop-UP with Animation and Sounds
  • Add Floating Social Sharing Bar to Any Page
  • Ad Auto-Generated Canonical Tags to ALL Pages

    Remove Mobirise from Link Rels and Replace with Your Own Choice

    Remove Formoid References if not using Mobirise Forms

    Remove Unused Images from Output Files

    Create Custom Error Pages

    Create Sitemap and Robots files and an Optional Visual Sitemap Page

    Add Snow to a Page